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Are you beach body ready?

Do you want to look and feel amazing?

Would you like to lose weight, tone up and feel lighter?

How about more confidence and increased energy?

Join us from the comfort of your own home where we will guide you on a voyage of self discovery.

By combining the latest fitness and mindset techniques from the West alongside time honored traditions of yoga and ayurveda from the East, we will help you to achieve the body you have always dreamed of.

It takes just 21 days to make or break a habit. During this time you will learn how to release negative habits, thought patterns and self limiting beliefs and replacing them with more positive and empowering thoughts, feelings and actions.

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Rae Willis Rae Willis

 "I feel the best I have in years. I'm 8lb lighter and a dress size down. I've enjoyed meals without meat and learning when my body needs fuel or liquid. This has been more than getting me prepared for a beach holiday. This challenge has prepared me for my life with yoga. Thank you Sharon xx"

Debra Nalden Debra Nalden

"I really enjoyed the whole experience. The variety of recipes and choices I never felt hungry! I loved the daily yoga practice and for me it hit me at the right time. Currently buying a new home is one of the most stressful things you can do so learning positive thinking along with inner calm and stillness was so useful!!!!"

Gemma Rafferty Gemma Rafferty

"I feel like a completely different person after the challenge.  I feel healthier and lighter in both body and mind. We also got quite a bit of spiritual guidance, which I was grateful for and fascinated by. The best things about the challenge was firstly the Facebook group. When I had a bad day all I had to do was look at how well everyone was doing and it'd spur me on. Also when I had a really good day I'd post it and receive encouragement. Secondly, the fact that I lost a dress size in the first ten days. I'm still losing weight steadily but I don't know how much I've lost as I don't measure myself in any way. Finally, the very best part about this challenge is that feeling of being connected to Sharon, to the others taking the challenge, and to myself. That feeling hasn't stopped with the end of the challenge, it really is a lifestyle change. Xx"

Kat Tighe Kat Tighe

"I personally started the challenge to lose weight and to improve in yoga. I found that it started to open my eyes up to the spiritual side of yoga and meditation, this became a real unexpected positive change for me as I have had family bereavement and work-life stress; I think I unknowingly needed it. I found the Facebook group a pleasure to be a part of, to share recipes and see what others were doing really keeps you on track or helps you get back on track if you've had a dip. I'm now doing the challenge again to help me get to my goal weight and continue with my positive new chapter. Thank you Sharon for guiding me on to this new path."

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Laura Greaves Laura Greaves

"I have found all aspects of the 21 day programme beneficial working through the chakras was a particular highlight and the incorporation of energy work and drawing positive energy into the heart chakra felt both therapeutic and inspirational for future practice. The length of the sessions enabled me to fit the practice in daily and I will continue to work through the programme. Thank you so much for this invaluable gift I have thoroughly enjoyed learning from your teachings."

Kim Thompson Kim Thompson

"The 21 day beach yoga challenge encouraged me to incorporate yoga into my everyday routine. I felt the benefits of this immediately. I felt more grounded and energized. The videos made by Sharon were excellent and I am continuing to use them. The effects of eating healthily were also amazing. The recipes were delicious and easy to make. I tend to suffer with IBS but after two days of eating healthily all symptoms were gone. The meditations and spirit science videos enhanced this fantastic experience. So much so that I'm going to start the challenge again from the beginning."

Carrie Berry

"Had a real blast doing the 21 day beach body yoga challenge, although it will take more than 3 weeks for me to master any poses or indeed get a brill bod like Sharon's. The recipes and daily video were well worth the money though and thoroughly enjoyed the veggie snap, especially the kitcheri and katsu curries. Give it a try"

Vicky Clark

"Definitely worth the £21 investment. The investment is in yourself! The benefits are huge, the daily Yoga videos are an inspiration, the diet plans and recipes you receive are really lifestlye altering, and the facebook group really helps you connect with like minds and share inspiration and cheer each other on."

Chrissie Linaker

"Its been great over the last 21 days as now feel fitter diet has improved. I have enjoyed the yoga and spirit science videos. Thank you Sharon x blessings x!"

Melita Worswick

"I have loved the challenge, my eating habits have changed for the better, with no cravings! Thank you Sharon Calvert! Namaste xxx"

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tom"I feel a little sad that the challenge is ending, but it know I'm going to keep doing yoga every day, and will be more mindful about what I eat. I think it's safe to say that my body is much preferring to be vegetarian as I feel much healthier now, my IBS is now non-existent.

I was so happy to lose a stone in the first 11 days.

Thank you for this challenge Sharon, it has been an amazing journey so far and I will definitely be keeping up the good work. Namaste!"

- Tom McCormack