Yoga Cool Down for MMA

 After a tough training session, stretch out the whole body and prevent DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) with this delicious yoga cool down. Ground, Connect and find ease in your practice as you develop strength, balance and flexibility.

Yoga for MMA: Hamstring & Hip Flexibility

Master Class 1 - Pawanmuktasana (Joint freeing) Series

This series gets the energy moving and loosens all the joints in the body.
It strengthens the ligaments, joints and deep internal muscles and increases mobility and joint integrity. This is an excellent practice to prevent injury and to help with vata dominant individuals or vata imbalances.

Hamstring & Hip Flexibility 

Rise & Shine Yoga

Gentle 10 minute morning yoga practice to wake up your body, mind and spirit.

Empowering Headstand Sequence