Journey Through the Chakras: A Spiritual Awakening

Chakra Healing Programme

To Heal your Body & Mind

& Restore Balance Within!

8 Week Chakra Healing Programme

Sunday 21st January - Sunday 11th March 2018

Every Sunday 5.30 - 7.00pm

Awaken the healing potential within you as we journey through the chakras one by one, exploring each of the energy centres in detail so you can understand how to restore balance in your body, mind, heart & Soul.

This transformational programme is an 8 week course that consists of a weekly 90 minute workshop every Sunday 5.30 - 7.00pm.

Plus, you will also receive an intensive online programme where you will receive daily emails to empower you on your healing journey.

We will spend a full week working on each of the chakras and the final session will conclude with bringing the energies together, feeling the natural flow of energy moving up from Mother Earth, liberating you from the dimensions of Earthly existence awakening you to the Divine potential of our Spiritual nature.

You will learn how to connect with the universal energies flowing down from the Heavens, tapping into the dimensions of spiritual existence and beyond where we can manifest all of our hearts desires.

Working with the chakras is a very natural and powerful way to restore the natural flow of the Divine feminine and masculine energies restoring balance in all systems of your body, mind & spirit.

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This chakra healing programme is also available just online and we have a special Christmas offer available until 31st December 2017.

All the information below is included in both programmes. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, email or call on 07719 747535

Do you.....

* Want to learn more about chakras and how to balance your energy?

* Feel like something is missing from your life?

* Need guidance along your spiritual journey?

* Want to feel completely alive in every single moment?

* Have so many thoughts your mind never switches off?

* Suffer with anxiety, stress or depression?

* Have a physical illness or disease that causes you chronic pain?

Would you like to.....

* Feel empowered to heal yourself naturally?

* Learn how to bring balance to your Body, Mind & Spirit?

* Let go of self-limiting beliefs & past conditioning so you can become your Greatest Version?

* Calm your mind, reduce your thoughts and tap into your inner wisdom & intuition?

* Discover your life purpose and live fully every single day?

* Be happy in your own skin and love yourself completely?

Journey Through the Chakras: A Spiritual Awakening

A 7 week Online programme to balance your Body, Mind, Heart & Awaken your Spirit.

Chakras are the main energy centres within the body that govern different aspects of our health and well-being. They are also multi-dimensional gateways that allow us to access different states of consciousness.

The 7 main chakras situated along the spine are associated with the rainbow colours and each holds a different vibration and frequency.

When the chakras become blocked, overactive or under-active, illness and disease manifests in the body and mind.

By working with the chakras we can bring balance and harmony to our system as a whole and move into higher states of consciousness.

Once you move up into the higher 3 chakras of your spiritual self,  you awaken your spiritual gifts and communicate with higher realms of existence.

On this 7 week programme you will spend a full week working on each of the chakras.

Every day you will receive an email that will teach and empower you to heal yourself on every level by using natural remedies and therapies.

Each week you will receive:

* A meditation video connecting you to the colour, elements and qualities of each chakra

* Lessons on Colour Therapy to balance each energy centre

* A 30 minute yoga video to awaken, stimulate and cleanse each of the chakras

* Nutrition advice and recipes for energizing and balancing each of your chakras

* Anatomy & Physiology lessons so you can understand how the chakras relate to the physical body and discover how imbalances manifest as pain, illness and disease, empowering you to prevent and treat any ailments you may have

* Sound therapy sessions where you will learn different mantras and affirmations for each chakra to heal and restore their resonence

* How to bring balance to your body, mind and Spirit through Crystal Healing

* Spiritual Guidance on which Hindu deities and Archangels you can invoke to strengthen each of your chakras

Week 1 - Muladhara Chakra

Muladhara resonates with the colour red and connects us to the Earth element.

It takes a whole first chakra to be here on Earth and our root chakra grounds us to Mother Earth, who provides nourishment for our spiritual development.

Awareness of muladhara illuminates the Light of Knowledge raising human consciousness. This is the gateway to the physical dimension and our existence here in Earth.

When balanced we feel strong, courageous, grounded, secure, trusting and full of vitality.

When this chakra is out of balance we feel insecure, fearful, ignorant, ungrounded and can be very self-pitying.

Governing our skeletal and digestive systems, physical imbalance in this chakra relates to lower back, hip and leg pain, constipation, diarrhea, pile, colitis, cold fingers and toes.

Week 1 focuses on connecting you to your physical self, grounding you into your body so you feel strong and courageous as you move through life.

Week 2 - Swadhistana Chakra

Swadhistana resonates with the colour orange and connects us to the Water element. The second chakra is the most closely connected to our five physical senses and connects us to our emotional and creative self.

When this chakra is balanced we feel creative, independent, accepting, sociable, enthusiastic, joyous and have self-respect.

When out of balance we feel over-dependent, withdrawn, egoistic, doubtful, anxious, guilty, destructive and have addictive behaviours.

Governing our reproductive organs, physical signs this chakra is out of balance include problems with ovaries or testes, PMS, IBS, endometriosis, sex issues and depression.

Week 2 connects you to your creative self, awakening your inner child with fun and playfulness. The energy at swadhistana is free flowing and sensual. You will discover hidden depths to your soul as you re-awaken your child like sense of wonder and awe this week. Prepare to be joyous and let you inner goddess come out to play!

Week 3 - Manipura Chakra

Manipura resonates with the colour yellow and connects us to the Fire element.

Manipura is the seat of the "I AM" Presence and personal power which allows us to destroy illusions and realize higher levels of truth.

Allow yourself to be powerful, to stand in your truth and use your power of will to manifest your hearts desires and unique divine gifts. This chakra gives us the opportunity to free ourselves of all bad habits and qualities. We can burn them in the fire of manipura and transform them into positive energy.

When manipura is balanced we feel confident, optimistic, energetic, alert, in control, authoritative, intellectual and practical.

When out of balance we feel pessimistic, sarcastic, inferiority, anger, egoistic and over analytical.

Governing the muscular, metabolic and digestive systems, physical signs of imbalance include diabetes, liver disease, pancreatitis, gall stones and inflammation of the digestive tract.

Week 3 focuses on replace any of your insecurities with confidence and burning away self-limiting beliefs in the fire of your belly. You will learn how to let go of anything that no longer serves you, making room for new wonderful things to enter into your life! This week is all about connecting to your inner power and transforming negative habits into more empowering thoughts, feelings and actions.

Week 4 - Anahata Chakra

Anahata resonates with the colour green and connects us to the Air element. 

The heart chakra is the union of male & female energies and integrates the physical world of matter (lower chakras) with the wonderful world of Spirit (upper chakras).

The heart chakra yearns to release and let go, surrendering into peace and harmony.  Anahata is our inner temple where divine Light 'our atma (soul self)' resides. The essence of the entire cosmos exists in anahata. It is here where we find divine Love and Infinite Bliss in the union with our real self.

When this chakra is balanced we feel patient, loving, generous, understanding, humble, sympathetic, compassionate, forgiving and in harmony with Mother Nature & the Universe.

When out of balance we feel bitterness, jealousy, misery, unloving and indifferent. Physical signs this chakra is out of balance include heart disease, breathing difficulties, immune system disorders and allergies.

Week 4 focuses on  letting go of all that no longer serves you and opening your heart to unconditional love and compassion. The energy you send out into the world comes back to you tenfold. Give out love and allow that same unconditional love to come back to you from the world around and within you. This week you will integrate your divine feminine and masculine energies to balance the yin and yang qualities of your nature.

Week 5 - Vishuddhi Chakra

Vishuddhi resonates with the colour sky blue and connects us to the Ether (space) element.

The throat chakra is the first spiritual chakra that acts as a gateway to higher levels of consciousness by uniting Heaven on Earth in every moment, connecting physical and non-physical. Acting as a crossover between physical and spiritual dimensions, the throat chakra is a gateway to raise consciousness to a higher level. Vishuddhi is the border between physical and astral levels, between consciousness and super-consciousness towards wisdom and clarity.

Vishuddhi vibrates at such a high frequency when balanced, we can communicate with higher dimensions and evolve as spiritual beings. This chakra allows us to purify physically and spiritually, to enable us to express our authenticity by articulating higher knowledge through communication that is non-verbal or non-physical.

When this chakra is balanced we feel calm, expressive, inspired, loyal, trustworthy, graceful and abundant.

When out of balance we feel cold, untrustworthy, unfaithful and self-righteous. Physical signs this chakra is out of balance include sore throat, tonsilitis, thyroid problems, lung problems and asthma.

Week 5 focuses on connecting your physical presence with your spiritual awareness, opening up your consciousness to higher realms of knowledge and wisdom. Learn how to express your authentic self through movement and sounds. Sing, sigh, make animal noises, play! Anything your heart desires, allow that energy to flow through you uninterrupted! Have fun as you stay true to you.

Week 6 - Ajna Chakra

Ajna resonates with the colour indigo and connects us to our intuitive wisdom and inner knowledge.

Ajna chakra is the home of the Spirit within, where darkness and ignorance become One with Light and knowledge. Ida (the feminine lunar) and pingala (the masculine soalr) energy channels separate from the sushumna channel at Muladhara, intertwine up through all the chakras and re-unite at ajna chakra, bringing sense of Oneness and unity with the entire cosmic universe.

Ajna chakra is the seat of our extra sensory perceptions and gifts of clairvoyance, intuition and telepathy.

The joining of ida and pingala merging with sushumna signifies the end of duality. This union leads to balance, liberation and contentment.

When this chakra is balanced we feel highly intuitive, fearless, idealistic, wise, practical, clear sighted and full of integrity.

When out of balance we can be inconsiderate, have an inability to trust in our intuition and scattered minded.

 Week 6 focuses on bringing balance to the higher and lower selves, connecting to the Spirit within. You will learn how to trust your intuition and develop your psychic awareness and sixth senses. The practices in this week will clear your mind and provide you with a sense of peacefulness and clarity. 

Week 7 - Sahasrara Chakra

Sahasrara resonates with the colour violet and connects us to Universal consciousness and the Oneness of everything.

Sahasrara connects us to our Father, which art in Heaven. The seventh chakra is the gateway to other levels of existence and consciousness, where everything and nothing exists. Complete transcendence of the limitations of a physical existence connects us to the infinite cosmic energy of the Universe and Oneness where time and space cease to exist. In yoga this is known as Samadhi.

Living your dharma (life purpose), transcends illusions, connecting us to the divine universal consciousness and Oneness of all.

When this chakra is balanced we feel connected to our higher self, inspired, liberated and connected to all that exists.

When out of balance we feel disconnected to spirit and out of touch with reality, feeling superior and have no concern for others.

Week 7 focuses on transcending the physical body and experiencing liberation from the material world. This week you will feel a deep connection to your Spiritual Self and the entire Universe! 

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PLUS... 8 piece chakra healing crystal set when you secure your place on the 8 week chakra healing programme starting Sunday 21st January 2018 💕

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Early Bird Special is just £177

until 31st December (usual price £222) Deposit just £55

Receive free gifts when you book your place on the programme before New Years Eve This investment includes my 7 week journey through the chakras online programme with daily inspiration emails, yoga and meditation videos plus much more!

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"I have absolutely loved the 21 day yoga transformation adventure, in particular the second week where we worked through each of the seven chakras. It left me feeling not only physically but mentally, emotionally and energetically balanced, more focused and grounded. Each daily practice really unlocked and opened each energy centre allowing the Universal Life Force Energy to flow through each aspect of my (w)holistic Self freely. It really raised my vibrations day by day, making me feel truly connected and completely one with the Universe. I was able to positively affirm and manifest personal aspirations which I had previously been trying to achieve for a while. A truly worthwhile experience."

Gaynor Birkett
"I absolutely loved my spiritual healing session with Sharon! I had a deep insight into the journey of my soul through its many lives, allowing me to understand how I have come to the point in my life I am currently at and how to move forward. I felt a release of negative energy from issues I previously believed I had dealt with. The experience left me feeling enormously happy and uplifted, yet also at deep peace with myself.

The spiritual healing was followed up with an Angel guidance session. This session reiterated the messages received within the healing and confirmed for me how divinely connected everything is. I felt the presence of my particular guardian angel which was so wonderfully reassuring and comforting. The angel guidance also mirrored a lot of my own inner thoughts and has encouraged me to act upon my gut instincts and trust that the Angels really are nudging me in the right direction.

I would definitely recommend that anyone interested in spiritual healing and/or angel guidance, to work with Sharon, she has a beautiful angelic energy and is truly amazing at what she does.

I look forward to my next session! xx"
Michelle Tracey